Affordable Central New York activities to keep your kids busy during summer break

Destiny USA offering free activities from noon-2pm in Canyon Area called Tykes Tuesday.

With summer break underway, parents in Central New York are looking for ways to keep their children stimulated during the summer months.

Many parents like Martha O'Keefe of Camillus are taking advantage of a brand new program at Destiny USA called "Tykes Tuesday" where kids can participate in different free activities in the Canyon Area from noon-2pm.

"There's things to do if you know where to look," says O'Keefe.

The kick-off event on Tuesday was arts and crafts. O'Keefe's 6-year-old daughter, Cathleen, says she likes doing arts and crafts because they are fun and it keeps her busy.

Also on Tuesdays, Regal Cinemas will show kid friendly movies, like "Rio" and "Ice Age" at 10:00am. Admission will only cost you $1.


other, Kelly Ryfun

of Brewerton

enjoys the idea of a fun, affordable movie.

"You can still have money left over for popcorn and drinks," s

ays Ryfun



ropes course at WonderWorks is not only keeping kids active, it is also keeping parents on their toes. One father, Richard Holten, who brought his daughters to the ropes course for the first time from Canandaigua, says that his daughters are having a great time.

"My children are loving it. I'm so nervous watching them on this but they're doing great. They're having a blast. This is such a wonderful place



says Holten.

Another indoor option which will keep kid


minds and bodies active, is the Museum of Science and Technology, more commonly known as the MOST.

Maria Wel


ch, the Director of Marketing at the MOST,
says it's a place where kids can enjoy themselves while learning about science.

"Kids learn a lot about science but they also have a lot of fun. How many places can you run through a heart like you can here," says Wel




ost Central New York parents know that i


s important not to waste a beautiful day.

"There's plenty to do in the mall for a rainy day

and o

n nice sunny days, like the parks and there's plenty to do outside and enjoy not being freezing," laughs Ryfun.

These are just a few of the activities kids can enjoy while giving their parents a break during summer vacation.