After 9 years in jail, Gristwood seeks wrongful conviction damages

Daniel Gristwood

After serving nine years in prison for a crime he did not commit, Daniel Gristwood is back in court in Syracuse seeking damages for a wrongful conviction.

In 1996, Gristwood was convicted for the attempted murder of his wife, Christina, who was found bludgeoned in the couple's home in the Town of Clay. After the attack, Gristwood confessed to the attempted murder after intense questioning by State Police. Gristwood was sentenced to 12 and a half to 25 years in prison for the crime.

It wasn't until nine years later that Gristwood was let out of prison after convicted felon Mastho Davis confessed to the attack on Christina Gristwood. The courts found that Gristwood's confession had been coerced by police investigators.

Gristwood is before Court of Claims Judge Nicholas Midey seeking damages from the state. Midey has already determined that even though Gristwood had confessed, he is entitled to compensation for a wrongful conviction. Monday morning, a psychologist testified Gristwood continues to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and other psychological problems.

Christina Gristwood is reportedly living in Syracuse and is in the care of a home aide.