After only minutes of labor, Marcellus mom gives birth in the car

Baby Isabella

At just two days old, baby Isabella is snuggled in, sleeping quietly at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse. But there was nothing quiet about the way she came bursting into the world on Wednesday morning.

â??We will probably be telling this story for the rest of our lives.â?? Her story begins around 4:45 am when Jessica Lingyak's water broke at her home in Marcellus, and baby Isabella was in a rush to meet her mommy.

â??My water broke and by the time we got up to the hospital we already had a baby,â?? Jessica Lingyak says.

They were just a block away from the hospital. Jessica talks about what was going through her mind in those tense moments, â??Just please hold off till we get here so we have a doctor. Just not yet. This can't be happening this way."

Thatâ??s when their bundle of joy decided she couldn't wait any longer, and was comingâ?¦in the car.

â??I can't stop and she's not stopping so might as well keep rolling with it,â?? Jessica says.

Minutes later, they pulled up in front of the emergency room at Crouse where doctors and nurses rushed out to help.

â??The staff was beyond amazing. They came right out, kept us calm, and did what they needed to do,â?? Jessica says. For Jessica, it all feels like a dream, one she still can't believe came true.

â??Definitely not. Not in a million years would I expect to have a kid this way.â??