After the storm: What you need to know about filing an insurance claim

After the storm: What you need to know about filing an insurance claim

The storms were gone as quickly as they came, but a huge amount of damage lingers.

On Friday night, just one day after the severe storm hit Central New York, neighbors are beginning to file insurance claims as they start to think about rebuilding.

John Carlton of Tully stood outside of his dads house with his brother after a long day watching construction crews tackle the mess that the storm left behind.

"Everybody in this little neighborhood and all these other little neighborhoods are very fortunate you know that it wasn't worse it could've been huge because it was a ferocious storm," Carlton said.

Trees were uprooted from the ground from high winds and Carlton said if they didn't get it taken care of quickly it could have landed on the house.

"In a case like this you more or less got to just bite the bullet," Carlton said.

However, Carlton is hopeful that his insurance will help pay for the repairs.

Brenda Flagg is a State Farm agent and said the most important thing to do is call your insurance company right away if you think you might have damage.

"The biggest concern for most of us is trees down, well is it covered, what do I have to do, I want to get it out of my house because of further damage, but you want to get the right people to do that," Flagg explained.

Flagg said you should also document everything and keep receipts of anything you pay for.

"Taking those pictures right away is going to be the best thing because then you're documenting a loss, saying this is what happen, then removing that tree, covering it up. Then you should be ok," Flagg said.

She also suggested that homeowners should sit down and talk with their insurance agent at least once every few years. The reason for this is because things could change in your life and you want to make sure you are still covered no matter what mother nature brings your way.

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