Aggressive wild boar in Utica killed by police

Witness pointing out where he saw the wild boar before it was shot by Utica Police.

Utica Police say they responded to a report of an aggressive wild boar in the area of Bleecker Street around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Police say several citizens called to report an animal in the area that was acting aggressively.

The officers located the boar near the intersection of Culver Avenue and Broad Street.

Police say that when the animal became aggressive toward the officers they fired several rounds, killing the animal.

Matt Nimey was working on the site of his new car dealership when he heard some rustling in the bushes. At first he thought it was a bear or a pig from a farm, but after seeing it up close, he knew it was a wild a animal.

"You don't really see any long, furred pigs on a farm in this area, especially with teeth," says Nimey.

Nimey was there when the police shot and killed the boar on the site of his new dealership.

An officer from the DEC took the animal for testing of diseases and State wildlife officials are checking with the Utica Zoo and local farms.

The boar was between 200-250 lbs. and larger than a German Sheppard.

There was a sighting of another wild boar in the area of Broad Street and Beechgrove Place near Culver Street. This boar appears to much larger than the one dispatched by police Wednesday.

"We started receiving some calls and photographs of another one which initially fits what we were told that theres two of them and after looking at it, it does appear to be a different animal," says Sgt. Hauck of the Utica Police Department.

However, searching for it is not a major priority for Utica Police.

"At this point we're going to let it do its thing and hopefully it will go back to where it came from," says Hauck.

Experts say the wild boar shot by police could have come from a population of feral pigs in central New York. Wild boars are becoming more common in upstate New York, but they're usually found in rural areas.

According to a recent Reuters article, "wild boar are the farms of central New York" and pose a "â??devastating consequencesâ?? for the area."

However, Charlie Manin, who owns Dari Del in Utica, says the boar may not be wild. One of his customers told him he was raising it as a pet.

"He said it was his and it got out of his fence," says Manin.

If you should see an animal like this, please stay away from it and call the police.

A mock "Utica Boar" Twitter account sprung up following the incident.

(Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.)