Air National Guard training to take place at Griffiss International Airport in Rome

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente announced today that the Air National Guard will be conducting periodic night training at Griffiss International Airport in Rome.

Members of the 137th Air Lift Squadron and the 105th Air Lift Wing at Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburg will be conducting trainings around night time tactical runway approaches.

â??First and foremost, I know that because air traffic near and over Griffiss attracts a lot of public attention, I want to be sure that all of the citizens of Oneida County are informed about this operation,â?? Picente said. â??I also want the people of Oneida County to know that the Griffiss runway, which was such a vital part of the nationâ??s defense posture during the Cold War era, is still a partner with our military services as we transition Griffiss into a new era of activity. Griffiss is a tremendous asset, and we in Oneida County are always glad to partner with any branch of the armed services to offer the base as a training site. We look forward to this partnership with the Air National Guard for these exercises.â??