Alan Jones application for leave denied, will serve 5-15 years in prison for killing Erin Maxwell

Alan Jones

Alan Jones, the man accused of killing his stepsister Erin Maxwell in 2008, had his last appeal avenue closed, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Jones filed an application for leave, which was denied, cutting off any further chances of appealing his manslaughter conviction, according to Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes.

Jones is set to serve 5-15 years in prison for killing Erin Maxwell.

Oakes says, â??Although his sentence of 5-15 years is an inadequate measure of justice given his wicked conduct, that sentence will now stand, and I will continue fight on Erin's behalf to make sure he serves the maximum sentence possible.â??

Earlier this year, an appellate court would not reinstate the original murder conviction against Jones, saying the crime did not fit the legal definition of "depraved indifference murder."