'Alarming' number of weapons found at Marcy Correctional leads to lockdown

Marcy Correctional Facility is currently on lockdown after corrections officers found 90 makeshift weapons during searches of the dormitories.

Officers were tipped off to the weapons, which prompted the searches. 14 weapons were found in cube dividers in the dorms on Wednesday. After further searches, the facility was ordered on lockdown after another 52 weapons were found late Wednesday evening.

Searches on Thursday turned up another 38 weapons, bringing the total to 90. The facility will remain on lockdown as additional searches are executed, officials say.

Investigators call this number of weapons â??alarmingâ?? and say it points to an ever-increasing violent climate inside state correctional facilities.

Assaults on staff by the end of last year were at a five year high, with inmate violence up by 17-percent in the past 12 months, officials say.

They say these statistics point to the problem with overcrowding, thanks to prison closures.

â??Our members are working vigorously to complete the lockdown, tirelessly working long hours away from their families, in order to secure a safe working environment in their workplace and in the interest of public safety. We will monitor the current situation at Marcy and continue to advocate for creating the safest working environment for our membership,â?? stated NYSCOPBA President, Michael Powers.