Alaskan winds of change blow to Syracuse

Weâ??re coming off our 4th warmest and 9th driest meteorological summer-that is, June/July/August-here in CNY in the one hundred eleven years that records have been officially kept. Weâ??ve seen the thermometer hit 90 degrees or hotter 26 times this year, tied for 2nd all time with the year 2002 This has plenty of folks yearning for a pattern change.

Marty Rosensweig of West Monroe told me heâ??d â??like something in between. I donâ??t mind the heat so much, but the humidity? I could do without.â??

Khalil Raja Howard, and post-grad student at SUNY ESF, also isnâ??t a fan of the humidity. â??At night, I would like the cooler weather, but I am happy during the daytime. I wish it was a little less humid, a little less muggy out and everything. I wish the sun was shining a little bit more, however, Iâ??m very happy.â??

For those of you who are like me, and are hoping for a pattern change to a slightly cooler weather pattern, you shouldnâ??t have to wait too long. Weâ??re seeing our first hints of a pattern change up near Anchorage, AK; over 3,000 miles away. That could signal some changes for us locally, right here in CNY.

Here in the CNYCentral First Alter weather center, we not only forecast for CNY, we also forecast for areas like Anchorage, AK. Anchorage just experienced a very powerful storm Tuesday night. In association with this, we can see a big dip in the jet stream in the Anchorage area. While it typically takes 4 or 5 days to evolve, the jet stream drives well north over the Rockies and Plaines states, helping to create a big dip south in the jet stream here in CNY coming up by late this weekend. This could help tug temperatures down a bit below average by the end of this upcoming weekend.