All athletic programs will be eliminated if NSCSD budget isn't approved by taxpayers

After taxpayers in the North Syracuse Central School District defeated the budget which included a tax increase on May 21, the district started looking at an additional $1.5 million in cuts. Superintendent Kim Dyce-Faucette says it could include cuts to athletics, extra-curricular activities, and the elimination of some administrative positions.

"The board has indicated we're not going to engage in conversations to increase class sizes anymore than they already are and so we need to look at other items," says Dyce-Faucette.

The school board will vote on the new proposed budget Monday evening at 7pm. Taxpayers will have their say next month on June 18th.

If the community rejects the budget again, the district will have to cut all athletic programs and extra curricular activities

and that will only be the beginning. The district will be forced to cut more than $4 million from its budget. Eliminating all athletic programs and extra curricular activities would only add up to $1.5 million.

"In no shape, form or fashion will we be able to ensure that we are providing a quality educational experience for our students and ensure our students don't fall through the cracks. Nothing will be off the table," says Dyce-Faucette.

As a mother of two students in the district and a member of the community, Lynnanne Tisbe fears that future.

"It's really sad because I have two children. But even for people who don't have children, those little folks are our future," says Tisbe.

If the budget is defeated on June 18, the Board of Education must adopt a budget with a tax levy no greater than what was levied the previous year, a $0 increase. This would mean the district would make an additional $4,047,682 in cuts including the elimination of athletic programs and extra-curricular activities; additional administrative cuts, including the assistant director of special education; a school resource officer proposed in the budget would not be added; a social worker proposed in the budget would not be added; and the elimination of additional teacher positions, which would result in larger class sizes at all grade levels.