All pit bull puppies stolen in Montezuma found

Stolen pit bull puppies from Montezuma.

The seven purebred pit bull puppies stolen from a converted garage in Montezuma were found Wednesday night.

The Cayuga County Sheriff's Office said the seven puppies went missing Monday sometime between 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. from an unlocked converted garage off of Route 90 in Montezuma.

The Sheriff reports the dogs are valued at $4,900. The puppies were eight weeks old.


tefanie Hennigan and her boyfriend Tim Tandle have been waiting and hoping for this moment, a reunion with their puppies.

"I just feel glad that I can get my dogs back. Just glad that the police worked out so fast that the news everything worked out good. Now I can sleep good," says Tandle.

With all the positive feelings and happy smiles where their 7 missing pit bulls were recovered tonight at Dunning Ave in Auburn, just two days ago this couple's emotions were anything but positive.

"I got very attached to them and they just meant a lot to me, they're puppies. Obviously we have five dogs and they mean everything to us," says Hennigan.

After Stefanie and Tim returned home from shopping in Rochester Monday afternoon, they noticed their 8 week old puppies were stolen.


I go back to check on the dogs


feed them


let the pups run around in the yard with the big dogs


I immediately noticed that doggy door there closed off, so I knew something was wrong right o


f the start

," says Tandle.

Cayuga County Sheriffs told Stefanie her missing dogs had been spotted by a woman in Auburn. She told police she was keeping the puppies for another woman who took the pit bulls from Stefanie and Tim. She had connected with the couple on Craigslist to buy other puppies Stefanie and Tim had at their house.


I'm ecstatic


we got all of our puppies back. I couldn't be happier



he girl we let them keep one because they had already bought it and purchased it. It was for one of the sons for his birthday


so we figured for them turning it in we would let them keep one, but they're coming home with us and I couldn't be more happier and now I can sleep at night knowing my puppies are at home

," says Hennigan.