All stores at Destiny USA to open at midnight on Thanksgiving

The build-up to Black Friday is already underway in Central New York. Destiny USA announced today that all of its stores will open at midnight on Black Friday, the day retailers rely on to kick off the holiday shopping season.

General Manager Rob Schoeneck says some stores are considering opening the doors even a few hours before that.

"We've heard rumblings from a couple people already. As we finalize those hours, we'll keep it updated on our website," says Schoeneck.

In addition to shopping, several dining and entertainment venues will be open late in the evening on Thanksgiving Day.

Lisa Molina is a Black Friday bargain shopper who's excited to get an early start to get the best deals.

"I'm a big shopper, i'm not going to lie. Did a 24 hour power shop last time and we're going to do it again," says Molina.

Katlyn Hughes thinks it's a nice gesture for people who are used to waiting outside in the Central New York weather.

"I think that's a big thing for a lot of people. There's those brave souls out there that are going to weather out the storm anyway, but I think it's nice for the people that don't want to have to do that," says Hughes.

Do you shop on Black Friday? Do you think the stores at Destiny should be required to be open at midnight? Leave your thoughts below.