Allegations of another abuse case at Syracuse University

Syracuse Police are in the process of reaching out to the man who runs a group that supports victims of sexual abuse after he made a bombshell allegation on the campus of Syracuse University on Thursday.

Robert Hoatson, president of Road to Recovery says he is counseling another victim of abuse by another Syracuse University coach. The allegation came during a day-long seminar on how the media covers scandals when they occur in athletics.

The Daily Orange newspaper quotes Hoatson as saying, "By the way, I am working with a victim of another Syracuse University sport - a head coach."

The statement drew immediate reaction from some panelists who insisted it was irresponsible for Hoatson to make that claim without hard evidence to back it up.

"Syracuse University called us right away," said Sgt. Tom Connellan of Syracuse Police.

The reaction of the University was instant Connellan said. No sooner did Hoatson utter the words, Syracuse Police were notified of the claim.

At this point it is not clear if police have been able to make contact with Hoatson.

Syracuse University is also responding.

Senior Vice President for Public Affairs Kevin Quinn wrote this to CNY Central: "Earlier today at a Newhouse panel discussion, executive director of the Road to Recovery, Robert Hoatson, said he was aware of an individual who alleges he has been abused by an 'SU Head Coach,' but that the victim is not ready to come forward. While the University has no information about this allegation, as soon Mr. Hoatson's remark came to our attention, we made the police and District Attorney aware of it. We encourage any victim to come forward and report abuse to the authorities."