Alleged "Craigslist Killer" friend not quick to judge

It's a far cry from the boy Andrew Hookway knew when he was younger, living just a few doors down from Phillip Markoff. Markoff is better known to many as the alleged "Craigslist Killer". Hookway rode the bus to school with Markoff for years, from elementary to their days together at Vernon-Verona-Sherill High School. Hookway says, "He always had something to pitch in. He wasn't the quiet insular one. Sometimes you hear these stories and you think 'Oh, he's the quiet one'. He wasn't that person."

Even though Hookway hasn't spoken with the 23-year-old since they graduated 5 years ago, he doesn't believe Markoff is responsible for the killing of a masseuse in Boston and the robbing of another. Hookway says, "He did do what they say he did. If he did bludgeon someone and then shoot them, he wouldn't be that calm in the courtroom. The fact of how calm and collected he is tells me he didn't do it."

Looking back, Andrew says he doesn't believe someone he spent so many years with growing up could commit such a horrendous act. He's even created an online group named "Phillip Markoff is innocent until proven guilty." "People need to decide in court whether he is innocent. Because what really matters, is a fair jury and when people already make up their minds it's hard to get that," says Hookway.

The group has 15 members since its creation Wednesday afternoon. Hookway believes the support will continue to grow.