Alleged Little Falls killer sentenced on separate grand larceny charge

Jennifer R. Riesel / NYS Police

A Little Falls woman who was arrested on second degree murder charges last week has been sentenced to state prison on a separate grand larceny charge.

Jennifer Riesel, 28, was arrested last week for the murder of Francis Nelson, 74, who was found dead with his hands and feet tied. Riesel is accused of running over Nelson with a barrowed car.

Police say Riesel told them that Nelson offered her $180,000 to run him over because he was terminally ill. Nelson TMs daughter, Chrissy Nelson, says she does not believe Riesel TMs story. She told the Syracuse Post-Standard there is no way her father would choose such a horrible death.

Riesel was sentenced to state prison on a separate grand larceny charge on Monday. Riesel pleaded guilty in July and will serve up to 4 years for awfully using her ex-boyfriend's credit card to purchase cell phone minutes.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this article.