Alligators crawl into Turning Stone with the "Gator Boys" for educational exhibit this weekend

The "Gator Boys" come to Turning Stone Casino this weekend.

Alligators will be taking over Turning Stone Casino this weekend. People of all ages are welcome to come to the educational shows put on by the members from the cast of Animal Planet's TV show, "Gator Boys." This show with exhibits on alligators, turtles and other wildlife is meant to inform people about these animals.

Andy Riffle is a member of the "Gator Boys" and he knows how important teaching people is to the whole experience. "The education is the biggest part, they don't know about the alligators (and) they underestimate them or they have no education on them whatsoever. Educating the people is one of the biggest things that we go for and strive for," says Riffle.

Jimmy Riffle is one of the main cast members on the Animal Planet show. "Our show is for all ages, we do hands on with alligators. It's very entertaining, but adults like it too because we're educating their kids on some of the wildlife that we have here in the US," says Riffle.

Tre Huntoon is one of the first guys to wrestle one of these alligators, as they are taken out of a dangerous area and brought to a safe location. He also wants to leave an impression an the audience after these shows are finished this weekend. "Maybe in the future they want to preserve a section of woods in their neighborhood, or every animal they see they don't want to try and kill and get rid of," says Huntoon.