Allred legal team files new motion over Change of Venue in Boeheim lawsuit

Late in the day Tuesday Onondaga County Justice Brian DeJoseph was reviewing a newly filed cross motion in the defamation lawsuit against Syracuse University Hall of Fame basketball coach Jim Boeheim.

The legal team of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred filed the brief on behalf of Bernie Fine accusers Bobby Davis and Michael Lang. Maryann Wang is the New York City based attorney who authored the motion beating a February 14th deadline for a response the Boeheim's request to change the venue of the lawsuit from New York City to Syracuse.

The contents of cross-motion were not yet public Tuesday evening. They are expected to provide insight into how the Allred team will adjust its legal strategy after being handed a defeat by New York County Justice Anil Singh late last week. Singh was dimissive of the attempt to connect rumors about the personal life of Bernie Fine's wife Laurie with the accusations of defamation against Boeheim. He wrote in his decision that Laurie Fine's actions were not relevant to what Jim Boeheim said in the days following the revelations of the accusations of child sexual abuse against Bernie Fine.

Justice Singh said because of the irrelevance of the issues raised about Laurie Fine the plaintiff was not entitled to accelerated discovery and exchange of documents and records prior to the Change of Venue motion being heard in Syracuse on Tuesday, February 21st.

While lawyers for Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University pursue the Change of Venue they have also filed a Motion to Dismiss in New York County court with a hearing scheduled for March 14th.

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