Alpacas pay a visit

Sarah Lamanna holds 'Hat Trick' as photojournalist Lewis Karpel is set for Saturday morning's alpaca visit to NBC3's Weekend Today in CNY.

It was a treat for us, and a learning experience for a pair of alpacas that visited Weekend Today in Central New York on Saturday morning.

Sarah Lamanna, from Claddagh Farm Alpacas in LaFayette, brought two of her youngsters, almost 6-month old Darkest Knight and one and a half year old Hat Trick, to visit.

Besides showing them off and sharing information on uses for alpaca fleece (yarn, warm socks and clothing) she also used the trip to get the two used to car trips (yes, they came in the back seat of their car).

Sarah is taking both to Alpaca Nationals, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania next month. This morning was the cria's (alpaca for baby) first trip off the farm.

Hat Trick, so named because he was the third cria born the same day, handled his 2 minutes of tv very calmly.

Darkest Knight, on the other hand, was clearly nervous and showed it by 'humming' his protests. By the end of the interview he just laid down, exhausted.

Their home, Claddagh Farm Alpacas, which is a Pride of NY Farm, welcomes visitors and also has outreach events.

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