Amateur MMA fight comes to the Oncenter in Syracuse


n front of nearly two thousand people, Jackie Micale prepared to get into the cage.


I would live to potentially be a champion of the sport


I think it's absolutely amazing it's my favorite sport, and it just, it just makes me feel great

," says Micale.

Seeing Jackie and the rest of the fighters at the Gladius 6 amateur MMA fight at the Crouse Hinds Theater in Syracuse brought a whole lot of energy into this arena.

Jamin Mowry and Marcia Gates were out Saturday night with their friends. "

It's awesome man


it's a lot different that a football game, because you feel something toward one guy



t's more individual than a team thing

," says Mowry.

Both those fighting in the ring and those cheering out in the crowd say they continue to be confused why professional Mixed Martial Arts is legal in every single state except New York.

"You know it was just great having my hand raised and telling them that I won, it was just an amazing feeling," says Micale.

Organizers say this fight alone brought hundreds of thousands of dollars into Syracuse, despite the controversy over professional MMA fighting Jackie won her fight. Those fighting for professional MMA to come to New York State hope they'll win too.