American presidential portraits and exhibits on display at Destiny USA

Those looking to learn interesting facts about the 43 United States presidents can visit a new exhibit opening Wednesday at Destiny USA.

The exhibit, titled "American Presidents: Life Portraits," features the only complete collection of American presidential oil portraits by one artist, renowned painter and sculptor Chas Fagan.

Accompanying the Fagan portraits are biographical sketches of all 43 presidents.

In addition to the sketches are photographs contributed by the White House Historical Association that capture each president's time in the White House, as well as historic front pages of American newspapers announcing presidential election results.

The exhibit features audio of speeches given from every president beginning with Theodore Roosevelt.

The exhibit, commissioned by C-SPAN to complement their Peabody Award winning television series, has traveled has to many presidential homes and libraries, and was on display in Washington, DC during the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.

The exhibit is open to the public in the Canyon Area of Destiny USA through May 2.