Amish expert says missing girls are "sweet & loving"

An expert on the Northern New York Amish, who works at SUNY Potsdam says the two young girls who are the subjects of an Amber Alert are "sweet, loving and innocent."

Karen Johnson-Weiner tells The Journal of Ogdensburg she has known the family of Fannie and Delila Miller for years. "I know the girls. They are little girls. Sweet little girls. And right now something terrible has happened to them," Ms. Johnson-Weiner told the paper.

The girls, 12 and 6-years old, have been missing since Wednesday evening from their family's roadside fruit stand in Heuvelton, Saint Lawrence County.

Johnson-Weiner told The Journal there is no explanation for their disapperance except for an abduction. She said because the youngest girl, Delila is only six it is doubtful that she speaks any English. She said it is typical for Amish families to speak only their Pennsylvania Dutch dialect at home, and that children don't start studying English until they start school.