Among things to see at The Fair on Sunday

An American Classic at the State Fair. We'll take you inside, in our 6pm news!

The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is making a stop at the New York State Fair, with the perk for visitors, a classic whistle--but only if you can sing the 'weiner' or 'bologna' songs, or at least recite the lyrics. The American Classic, which is one of several identical 'hot dog' mobiles, is parked between Gates 2 and 3(the Main Gate) through Sunday, and we'll show you the inside, Sunday night in our 6pm news.

There's more at The Fair this last weekend, including free concerts by Dickie Betts (of the Allman Brothers) at 2, and The Happy Together Tour (The Turtles, and former members of Three Dog Night, Paul Revere & the Raiders, and Gary Lewis and the Playboys) performing at 8. The Grandstand features the Monster Trucks starting at 7pm.

Attendance continues steady, and light. The Fair has topped last year's totals (just over a half million attended in 2012), but they're only at 704,098 with Sunday and Monday to go--a ways from the averages of the upper 900-thousands of past years.

Even so, vendors and concessionaires seem pleased with the amount of business they're doing, saying people who are visiting, are also eating, buying and spending.