An ongoing effort to improve Syracuse's gateways, one eyesore at a time

Former Howard Johnson Motel still sits vacant near carrier circle in Dewitt.

Senator Chuck Schumer visited Syracuse today to discuss one of the most-talked about items on his agenda

, two abandoned

Sunoco gas stations

in the city

. Just a few weeks ago, Schumer struck down on the

deserted properties

, calling them "eyesores" in the city of Syracuse.

"We want to make sure that these which are very good, valuable properties start creating jobs and when people enter Syracuse from the south they see good things happening not abandoned properties," says Schumer.

Those gas stations aren't the only eyesores located in the gateways to Syracuse.



Howard Johnson Motel at Carrier Circle

has been abandoned for years

. Since it's located right off of the New York State Thruway, this dilapidated building gives travelers a poor first impression of Syracuse. Kathy Shue, who manages the Comfort Inn, which is located next door says the building actually drives guests away.

"We have guests who won't even stay here because they're afraid. They don't know what's over there



says Shue.

But for some


, like Joseph Fallik and his wife, the view of the abandoned building is not a big deal.

"We'd like a nicer view but I didn't think of it as any danger to me," says Fallik.

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