Animal advocates want stricter laws after abused pit bull is euthanized

Grace was humanely euthanized after suffering abuse.

Animal advocates are lobbying for stricter penalties against animal abuse after a Syracuse pit bull was humanely euthanized after suffering severe abuse and malnourishment.

Grace, a local pit bull, was picked up by the City of Syracuse Animal Control on October 1st. She was severely neglected and extremely malnourished. She was humanely euthanized on Saturday because of her poor condition.

A local pitbull advocacy group, Cuse Pit Crew, as well as other animal welfare advocates, are petitioning for New York State Senator David Valesky to lead an initiative for stricter laws against animal abuse.

Currently, those who abuse companion animals, like dogs and cats, only face a misdemeanor charge. Advocates want stricter laws making abuse a felony.