Ann Marie Buerkle has not conceded 24th Congressional District

Democrat Dan Maffei is projected to oust incumbent Republican Ann Marie Buerkle in New York's 24th Congressional District; however, Buerkle has not yet conceded.

Buerkle says she wants to wait for all of the votes to be counted.

On Wednesday morning, Buerkle released a short statement regarding the election.

"In 2010, we were trailing on election night, only to see more votes come in and the outcome changed. With so many ballots still to be recorded, it is important that we make sure there is an accurate counting of all votes," says Buerkle. "Our right to vote has been bought and paid for by the men and women of our armed services, and we owe it to all who have paid the ultimate price to count these ballots and allow the Democratic process to run its course."

At Democratic Headquarters Tuesday night, Maffei told supporters in Syracuse, "I am confident when all the votes are counted I will be your next congressman."

On Wednesday, Maffei issued a statement regarding his projected win: â??I am honored that the people of Central New York have elected me to represent them in Congress. We have won an important victory for Central New Yorkâ??s middle class. I am looking forward to working to fix our economy, create jobs, and rebuild our middle class. I would like to thank the voters, and all of our supporters who invested their time and energy in our campaign. This victory belongs to them.â??

The win would return Maffei to Washington. He was elected to the House in 2008, only to lose to Buerkle by fewer than 700 votes in his 2010 bid for re-election.