Another collapse in Oswego: Apartment building cleaning up

An Oswego apartment building is beginning the cleanup process after part of it collapsed over the weekend.

Code Enforcement Director Neal Smith says the south soffit went down at the building on East 6th Street in the city. He says it was likely a problem with the nails that wouldn't be obvious until after the collapse.

The building is owned by Joe and Valerie Hutchinson. They own about 15 properties, but Joe says this one is their "prize building." He says it has been painted recently, new railings have been installed, and he inspects it regularly.

"I can't speak for other landlords, but for myself and my wife, we like our buildings, we like to take care of our buildings, we like our buildings to look good," says Hutchinson.

Residential rental properties, like this apartment building, are inspected every three years by the city of Oswego. Hutchinson says this building was inspected last year, and he was surprised to see part of it come down. On Monday, an insurance adjuster and contractor were at the property. Hutchinson says he will have it inspected to make sure nothing like this happens again.

It's been a scary summer for buildings in Oswego. Just a few weeks ago the St. Louis Church collapsed on the last day of Harborfest, and last week another building was officially condemned.

"I've never seen this many failures in such a short amount of time or so many structural issues," says Smith. He says buildings in this part of the state tend to be older, so everyone, code enforcement officials and community members, need to keep an eye on them, and watch for anything out of the ordinary.

Oswego Mayor Randy Bateman says, at this point in time, there are no plans to increase the frequency of residential rental property inspections in the city.

If you see a building in Oswego that needs to be inspected, you can contact Code Enforcement at (315) 342 - 8265.