Another Syracuse Neighborhood to get Crime Cameras

Syracuse Police are looking at video from their cameras in the Geddes/Delaware Street areas as they investigate the shooting of 2 teens. The Chief says they'll be putting up more cameras--the Washington Square Park area is now on the list

Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler tells us the Washington Square Park neighborhood is now on the list to get crime cameras. Neighbors there have been asking for them, and Fowler says they're making progress in getting the cameras up for them.

Fowler spoke with us exclusively on Monday about how the cameras are doing a phenomenal job, not only as a very visible crime deterrent, but also as a crime fighting tool of growing importance to his department.

An example of that: on Sunday morning, two Syracuse teens were shot along Davis Street, on Syracuse's west side.

They said the 3 suspects ran toward Delaware Street, where there's a crime camera just feet away, at the Geddes Street intersection.

Chief Fowler says that investigators at the scene can call for a review of video from a camera they believe has gotten footage that could provide evidence, and that such reviews can take place within 24 hours.

Besides the expected new cameras in Washington Square, there are several other installations going in:

New cameras in the Pond Street/Park Street area are already going in, on the North Side. On the East Side, in the Fayette Street/Westmoreland-Croly Street corridor, the installation is also underway. In downtown Syracuse, where merchants are helping pay for 10 cameras, we're told they're waiting for a funds transfer to get the actual work going. There are also plans to expand coverage on the city South Side, in several locations.

And, it's not just the police who want the cameras to help them do their jobs. Chief Fowler attended all five Syracuse High School graduations this past weekend, and in 3 of the 5, he says someone came up to him, to ask for cameras in their neighborhoods.