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      Another video surfaces of a student shouting profanities at a school bus driver, this time in Watertown, NY

      Just a couple of days after a video surfaced of Greece School District bus monitor Karen Klein being harassed by students, another video has surfaced of a student yelling profanities at a school bus driver in Watertown, NY.

      In the video, a boy, either in fifth or sixth grade, berates the bus driver for 10 minutes, using profanity and verbally abusing the driver with insults. The video says that the boy attends Wiley Intermediate School, which is for fifth and sixth graders.

      The video, originally titled "10 Minutes of Hilariousness," was posted on Thursday, June 21, and the boy can be heard yelling things like "Shut the f..k up. Sit there and drive the f..king bus." The video is now called "Watertown, New York-Kid Bullies Bus Driver".

      The driver, who the boy calls "Bill", repeatedly tells the boy to sit down throughout the video,and never replies to the insults.

      Here is a link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2rVaZa0wVc. (THIS VIDEO INCLUDES GRAPHIC LANGUAGE AND CONTENT)

      WWNY News in Watertown reports that Watertown City School District Superintendent Terry Fralick says the incident happened about four weeks ago and, "I'm very concerned about the danger that it presented to all the occupants on the bus."

      According to WWNY, Fralick says the bus driver reported the incident to officials and the student was disciplined, but declined to release further information due to confidentiality issues.