Anti-fracking sentiment is felt at the polls in the Southern Tier

Anti-fracking sentiment in the Southern Tier was felt at the polls when candidates opposed to drilling were beaten up and down the ballot.

Some of the intense campaigns were framed as referendums on shale gas development.

In the 22nd Congressional District, Republican Richard Hanna beat Dan Lamb, who was endorsed by New York Residents Against Drilling. Democratic challenger Nate Shinagawa lost by about 10,000 votes to incumbent Tom Reed in the 23rd Congressional District. Shinagawa is outspoken against hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for natural gas.

In the Broome County executive race, Democrat and anti-drilling activist Tarik Abdelazim lost to incumbent Debbie Preston, a strong drilling supporter. Anti-fracking candidates also lost town races in the Southern Tier where shale gas drilling is most likely if Gov. Andrew Cuomo allows it.