Anti-smoking ads feature missing jaw, oxygen tank, tracheotomy. Do they go too far?

They're hard to miss if you're watching TV. Anti-smoking ads are featuring the consequences of smoking. Some of the most visible ads on television right now feature a man without his lower jaw, a woman who has had a tracheotomy, and a man with an oxygen tank.

Another ad features a woman receiving a bad diagnosis from her doctor and then having to tell the news to her child.

The ads may be difficult to watch, but American Cancer Society Community Mission Manager Jason Warchal says they do get people's attention.

"If you do smoke, if you do use tobacco, these are the consequences of it," says Warchal. "Many people are diagnosed daily with lung cancer and other types of deadly diseases that are attributed to tobacco use."

According to statistics from the American Cancer Society, about 300 people die from lung and bronchus cancer in Onondaga County each year. Many of those deaths can be prevented.

Leave your comments below or join the conversation on our Facebook page. What do you think? Do these ads go too far? What do you think is the best way to spread the word about the dangers of smoking?

What you're saying:

Amy Jo Smith: I think my kids are horrified by them. I turn the channel when one comes on the tv so my kids don't see them.

Kathleen Hickey Weeks: They are brutal even for adults! Actually, I dislike them so much that I change the channel or mute the tv.

Jason J Hutchinson: I think it is totally ridiculous and uncalled for!! Might as well out those images on alcohol, cars, and everything else in life that may cause you harm. Waste of time and money. I'll just buy Indian cigarettes if it comes to that!!

Shelly Stockton Owens: They are horrible............. but I guess they get their point across. I'm all for it if it will keep my daughter from smoking!!

Jerry Rhodes: It's not going too far, 'cause there's idiots out there that still smoke! They obviously don't care about the ones that don't do this. It constantly invades our space. I in particular don't like walking by someone who's smoking, it's disgusting. And besides that it doesn't help with my allergies either!

Joleen Stone Krogman: they do NOT go too far.It's high time that the effects of poor decisions be highlighted. The " you don't always die from tobacco" song didn't go far enough.

April Hollis: Sure they are disturbing.....BUT that's the point!! Smoking might be "fun" and "cool" for a while....but the reality is hat these things can happen as a result...not so fun later in life when you are all by yourself suffering and those friends that thought you were "cool" are not around anymore...

Dianna Beatty-Ink: Smokers need a wake up call!!!!!! This is it! If these commercials gets even one smoker to quit then it's worth it! I wish my sister would quit! I want her around for years to come!

Marie- Pagoto-Caracas Brandt: Can't stand them, so any time I see them, I change the channel, not what most stations want to hear, but that's how I take care of it. To answer the question do they go too far?absolutely, nobody, especially those with young kids, need these 'in your face' statements.

Christine Howe: Anyone who is agreeing this is probably a smoker and trying to make an excuse for themselves....however it's the reality of what could happen to a smoker and people need to wake up and realize what they're doing to their bodies and how it's affecting people around them. I know that I wouldn't want to kiss anyone with a smoker smell and yellow teeth, and I have seen my fair share of kids inhaling second hand smoke.....parents, stop smoking around your kids!!!