Apple fans snag iPhone 5 at Destiny USA after overnight wait

Apple Store at Destiny USA sells iPhone 5

It's safe to say Bill Thibert is the most eager Apple fan at Destiny USA. He was the first one on line in front of the Apple store, securing his spot at 8:30 Thursday night.

"I know a lot of people probably think this guy's crazy but to me it's like a sport. It's awesome. It's like waiting in line for concert tickets and it's bigger than a concert for me," says Thibert.

Thibert isn't the only die hard Apple fan in Syracuse. By the time the store opened at 8am Friday morning, nearly 200 people were standing in line, including Amy Ayers who snagged her spot at 3am.

"It's been great. Everybody in line is wonderful. Everyone loves Apple as much as I do so we all have stuff to talk about. And it's been great meeting new people," says Ayers.

People in line say it's all about getting the phone as fast as possible. People who pre-ordered it have to wait 3 to 4 weeks before it arrives in the mail.

Apple took 2 million pre-orders for the phone in the first 24 hours they were available last week . Some analysts predict the company could sell more than 10 million by Monday. And for Destiny USA, the hype means big business.

"It's a great day for us. The activity, it brings in people a lot earlier than we typically see on a normal Friday. It will be fun. A lot more coffee sales and things like that," says General Manger of Destiny USA, Rob Schoeneck.

For those waiting for nearly 12 hours, they needed that jolt. So Apple supplied them with a coffee boost. When the clock struck 8am, it was the moment they were waiting for.

Welcoming in their most dedicated customers like Thibert, who says it was well worth the wait as he walks out with his prize possession, the latest iphone in hand.

"It's great. This feels awesome to be the first one to have it. But I'm so tired. I just want to get home now and sleep," says Thibert.

In this case, the early bird catches the smartphone.