Apple fans wait for iPhone 5 launch at Destiny USA's Apple store

Apple fans wait for the iPhone release at Destiny's USA's Apple Store

Hours before its 8 a.m. launch on Friday, Apple fans sat in their lawn chairs, typing away on their Macbooks, listening to their iPods and texting on their (what they consider) now outdated iPhones, all in preparation for the launch of the iPhone 5.

Whether it was in Singapore, Chicago, New York City or locally at Syracuse's Destiny USA, Apple fans showed their dedication to the brand, and the latest they had to offer.

"Pretty much as long as Apple puts their logo on it, it's going to sell," Joe Puricilli, who has owned every type of iPhone made, says. "It's like keeping up with the Joneses."

Many in line at the Apple store in Destiny USA said they have waited in lines for Apple products before for products like the iPad or earlier iPhone generations.