Apples this year larger from rain


It's the first day to pick apples in the orchards at Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards.

"Today, the apples were Paula Reds. It's like a family tradition to come on the first day and pick apples. We always love coming here, it's just a fun time," says Bobby Diel.

Peter Fleckenstein is one of the owners at Beak & Skiff. He says with all of the rain we've had this summer in Central New York, the big question right now is if it affected the apple crop.

"Yes, it did. What most people are going to find is that the rain has made the apples much larger than they were last year. Last year, we had no rain. We have a lot of small apples this year and a lot of big apples," says Fleckenstein.

But, size isn't the only way the weather played a key role in this year's apples. Peter says all of the rain and unpredictable temperatures we've experienced will change the way the apples taste when you take your first bite.

"The really, really cool nights have made the trees stop growing and made the apples ripen. You're going to expect the apples to taste normal- just like you would at any other year. Last year, they had a little bit more sugar in them because of so much heat and lack of rain. But, this year, it's just back to normal," says Fleckenstein.

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