April snow!?! Top spring break places to escape

Its sNOw joke this April Fools Day will feature wintry weather for parts of Central New York. After seeing a near record 178.6 of snow this past season most people aren TMt in a laughing mood about us calling for more. You can get the latest forecast on this storm at the weather page here. There is little one can do about the cold and snow, so why not escape it this spring break!Either for school break coming up in a few weeks or jet setting even sooner in April, vacationers are seeking warmer temperatures. recently released an article listing the Top 10 Spring Break Destinations for 2011 which you can read here. Leading the list was Orlando, a place close to my heart because my wife and I honeymooned there. Making it even easier is the direct flight on Jet Blue which I highly recommend when taking three young daughters. More people are choosing destinations that aren TMt known from college spring break parties and with the tough economy, where hotel stays are reasonably priced.To put a weather spin on the articles information I did a little digging deeper into the temperatures for these top 10 cities. Below is a look at the average high temperature in April for Syracuse compared to these popular spring break locations:Syracuse 55

1. Orlando 822. Las Vegas 783. Cancun 854. Phoenix 845. Fort Lauderdale 846. Fort Myers 847. Tamps 818. New York 619. Los Angeles 7310. Denver 48As you can see, all but one city, that being Denver, are warmer than Syracuse. So just about anywhere you go from that list you TMll be landing in a warmer and hopefully sunnier place.Soon I TMll be making a drive south to a beach in search of that, or maybe it TMs to escape this spring snow and cold too. Have a great spring break everybody! You can keep up to date with my forecast and future weather stories on my page here. Please give it a click and become a friend of mine.