April TMs rainfall record broken, what TMs next?

Central New Yorkers know the old saying all too well, When it rains, it pours.

Aided by a daily record rainfall of 1.83 on Tuesday, Syracuse went into the record books yesterday for the most April precipitation ever with 8.53. This has many people saying Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. The old record for April stood since 1976 when 8.12 of rain fell.

All this rainy day news had me thinking - could the all time precipitation record for any month for the city Syracuse be in jeopardy? Looking at the forecast for the last few days of the month I can 100% guarantee you that will not happen. Not many people around the area were alive back in the month of June in 1922 when that took place. An astounding 15.92 of rain came in that month, making it a long way to go for this month to be considered.

As it stands through the end of yesterday with 8.53, this is the 7th greatest monthly total of rain ever. There is a chance we could move up the ladder to 6th place. It TMs only 0.28 away from the current month TMs total at 8.81, set back in September 1975. If we receive only light showers and fall shy of that mark, I don TMt think many will complain.

There have been plenty of soggy days this April to get us to this new monthly record. More days have seen precipitation than not. Out of the 28 days so far this month, 18 had measurable precipitation of 0.01 or more. And the number of completely dry days this month has been only 6. I TMm routing for day number 7 to be Sunday because I TMll be running in the Mountain Goat Run!

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