Aquatherapy pool at Morrisville State helps horses rehab from injury

The aquatherapy pool at Morrisville State College.

You can lead a horse to water but can you make him swim?

At Morrisville State College's Equine Rehabilitation Center, horses are taking to the water to recover from leg injuries.

Program Director Mike Bednarek says using aquatherapy is a great way to get injured horses the exercise they need without the impact of riding. "If they had to ride in a ring or on a track, they would be pounding their feet into the ground. That doesn't happen here," he says.

Morrisville's Equine Rehabilitation Program is the only one of its kind in the Northeast and Bednarek says students come from across the country to enroll in the program.

"We've had two classes graduate and they are getting jobs all over the country working for high end farms," Bednarek says.

To date, more than 140 horses have been rehabilitated using aquatherapy.

Bednarek says getting some horses into the water is easier than you might think.

"We have horses that like it so much they jump in really. They don't just walk down the ramp they say I'm ready to go and they jump right in."

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