Arctic assault + lake snow = Tough weekend!

This morning TMs weather may have left you thinking, How much more winter weather is coming? Hope this morning is the worst of it! Unfortunately, if you had this thought, you are not going to be happy about what TMs next. Some of the coldest air and wind chills of the season will be moving into our area starting Friday night, lasting through the weekend and continuing through Monday morning. While there will be changeable weather conditions regarding the amount of wind and the exact temperature and wind chill, the whole period could be deemed a frigid arctic assault. Case in point: North Dakota this morning. They had wind chills as low as 42 below zero. These type of wind chills can cause frostbite in 10 minutes! While our weather will not be as dangerous, it will still be cold enough to make you shiver more than normal.

Lake effect snow will also be an issue. We are already seeing that today with Triple Doppler Radar and Interactive Doppler Radar east of Lake Ontario. While sunshine will occur for the immediate central New York area today, lake effect snow will accumulate to as much as 6 in the most persistent bands, especially over the Tug Hill Plateau. Areas north of the Onondaga-Oswego county border have the best chance for accumulations today. A general weather system will give our entire area an inch or two of snow today, as well.

Colder air will begin to filter into our area on the back of strengthening westerly winds on Friday. Expect wind speeds to exceed 30-40 MPH during Friday afternoon. These winds should also begin produce lake effect snow east of Lake Ontario during the day. These squalls will tend to sag southbound during the day. While the exact accumulations are unknown at this time for Friday, there could very easily be 6-12 of snow east of Lake Ontario before sunset Friday.

Arctic air will deepen Friday night through Saturday morning on those strong west-northwesterly winds. Wind chills will drop to 5 to 15 below zero. The questions are how strong will the lake effect snow be and where will the snow bands set up? It is very difficult pinpointing exact banding structure this far out. However, there are indications that Lake Huron and/or Georgian Bay could help Lake Ontario produce even heavier snow. If this upwind moisture occurs, then substantial snow accumulations could occur. If this occurs, another problem would be that the salt-brine mixture from the snowplows will not be as effective. This may cause rough road conditions, especially if lake effect snow is heavy. Stay tuned for updates on this. Lake effect snow should slowly subside Saturday night. Even though the snow will slow, the temperature could hit its lowest reading of the year. The coldest temperature that Syracuse has recorded so far this year was 4 below zero on January 17th. If skies stay clear on Sunday night into Monday, temperatures may plummet even further than that. The record low of 14 below zero set back in 1907 cannot be ruled out either.

Bottom line is that you should keep aware of the winter weather that will only be getting tougher this weekend. For more on your weather forecast, click on "Weather" and then the "Live Triple Doppler Radar" tab on our weather page. Make sure you refresh the Doppler radar to see the very latest information, as well. Furthermore, we have our new Interactive Doppler Radar on our website. You can zoom down to street level with Interactive Doppler Radar. You are in total control of where the radar can zoom in. Give it a try. Plus, click on our Severe Weather Tab and our Watches and Warnings map to see the very latest county specific watches and warnings.In addition, you can "follow" along with me on Twitter by either clicking on the "follow" button on the Twitter section of our weather page or by visiting