Are drivers too aggressive in the village of Liverpool? Officials remind drivers to be safe

Villiage of Liverpool

Police in the Village of Liverpool are investigating complaints that drivers are too aggressive when they drive past Vine and Oswego Streets in the village.

Deputy Mayor Nick Kochan told police at a recent board meeting that he noticed drivers were routinely ignoring stop lights as they drove through the village. He's concerned this creates a safety hazard, and he wants to remind people to be safer drivers.

"We asked the police just to keep an eye out, and their visibility will help influence drivers' behavior," says Kochan. "We just want people to be safe."

Liverpool Police Chief William Becker says about 40,000 cars go through the village of Liverpool every day because people can drive through Liverpool to reach other highly populated areas like Clay, Lysander, and Baldwinsville.

He says a traffic safety program is in place to investigate any complaints the police department receives. After Monday's board meeting, Chief Becker says he told his officers to check on the complaint that drivers were ignoring red lights. He says they have already written some tickets for violators.

Right now, he says the police department is doing a traffic survey about the complaint and will evaluate the results when it is complete.

Do you regularly drive through the village of Liverpool? Do you think people drive too aggressively? What would you like to see done? Post your comments below.