Are swans in Manliusâ??s Swan Pond being neglected?

Swan Pond

The Village of Manlius is defending its handling of the Swan Pond after a concerned resident contacted CNYcentral.

Jennifer Sarrow says she has visited the Swan Pond during the winter and feels that the two swans are being neglected. Sarrow points out that the Village has removed feeders around the Swan Pond and a shelter that was setup inside the compound. She feels they are going hungry and are being unjustly exposed to the elements.

Village mayor Mark-Paul Serafin defended the village's handling of the swans. He says village workers feed them cracked corn each day to serve as a supplement to the diet of greens they eat from the bottom of the pond. Serafin says the feeders are routinely removed during the winter.

The shelter was also removed after consulting with an expert, Mike Bean who donated the swans to the village last year. Bean told CNYcentral's Jim Kenyon that swans are very hardy animals and wouldn't use a shelter anyway. Bean also says the swans are checked by a local veterinarian and were found to be healthy last October.