Are you a honkaholic?

      Are you a honkaholic? A new study from Safeco Insurance finds that 58 percent of drivers say that they use their horns, while 47 percent say that they get honked at. Another 39 percent admitted to honking at other drivers.

      The survey looked at three distinct honking styles:

      Quick Tapper (beep, beep!) â?? 54 percent

      Moderate Honker (beeeep!) â?? 38 percent

      Prolonged Beeper (beeeeeeeep!) â?? 8 percent

      Drivers also reported how they felt being honked at:

      Angry â?? 20 percent

      Frustrated â?? 19 percent

      Stressed â?? 18 percent

      There were several reasons behind the use of horns in traffic.

      Remind the driver in front of you the light has turned green â?? 77 percent

      When another driver cuts you off â?? 73 percent

      When passing / allowing someone to pass â?? 42 percent

      When another driver is going too slowly â?? 40 percent

      When stuck in traffic â?? 32 percent