Are you breaking the bank while back to school shopping?

Shoppers hit the stores for last minute back to school shopping.

From pens, to pencils, to notebooks, the shelves are stocked and the aisles are full. Full with shoppers piling up their cart; gearing up for the school season.

"Usually this week, its like prime time," says Brien Mitchell, General Manager of Staples. Prime time can come with a hefty price tag.

"Everything is costly. But when you're trying to get school supplies, materials. Wow," says Calvin Cannon.

Wow is right. Cannon is
shopping for his 12-year-old daughter for the past three days, and he still has a lot more to do.

"I have
to turn around and buy the notebook paper that she has to have. I have
to get these binders that she has to have. I have
pens and pencils and I have refillers. I got more highlighters that she has to have and that's only some of the things on the list," says Cannon.

Cannon is not alone. According to the N
ational R
etail F
ederation, more and more families are handing over more cash when it comes to school supplies. Shoppers could be shelling out an average of a hundred dollars.


ith each teacher asking for specific items on the list, its driving up the price.


I'm looking at a binder that is 15 dollars for a three inch binder, which is crazy. And, it's like, 'hey, I have to get four of these? So four times 15 is like 60 dollars. And, I spent 70 dollars last night alone," say Cannon.


f you add clothes and electronics,
it will cost you even more.

Ringing in the school season, one item at a time.