Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

Bing Crosby may have been dreaming of a "White Christmas" but so far here in Central New York there is a lot of green.

We've gone 283 days without an inch of snow, which is just five days short of the all time record set back in 1998.

"Historically we don't always have a white Christmas. You would think you would have a white Christmas more often, but one out of three years you actually don't," says CNYCentral meteorologist Peter Hall. "Just something to keep in mind, that it actually doesn't happen as often as you think it does."

"No snow" is two words local ski resorts don't want to hear, but skiers shouldn't put their skis away just yet.

The CNY Central weather center has been tracking some stormy weather in the Midwest and Hall says those dreaming of a white Christmas could be in luck.

"For Friday night and the weekend we have some moisture, and we now have a Northwest wind. So it is just cold enough to get some enhanced lake effect snow," he says. However, Hall says those expecting a major snowfall this Christmas could be disappointed.

"It is certainly not going to be the whitest Christmas you've ever seen. It might be a white Christmas, but just barely. We will take anything at this point the way this seasons gone," he says.

What do you think? Will we have a white Christmas this year?