Are you excited for the renovated Landmark Theatre? We take a look inside

A major $16 million renovation of the Landmark Theatre is almost done. On Friday, we got a sneak peek of what's inside.

The historic lobby and seating area will not change, but the stage has been completely revamped. Crews have added extra wing space for actors and a higher ceiling to accommodate sets. There will also be a new trapdoor on the floor of the stage.

There are now more dressing rooms, a green room, and a chorus room for performers to use, too.

Executive Director Denise DiRienzo says she hopes the renovated theatre will be a catalyst for more business downtown.

"We're hoping to change that , where we're bringing people downtown for 200 events a year, where we're having the support staff, the 100 people it takes to put on a show, wandering our streets for weeks at a time," says DiRienzo.

The renovation is designed so the theatre can host bigger shows and acts. The people behind the project hope it will also help business in the surrounding area.

The Landmark will reopen with a grand re-opening celebration on November 18. The next night, Bill Cosby will perform.