Are you getting nicer as you get older?

So much for the old man or woman yelling at kids, "Get off my lawn!" A series of studies getting a lot of attention throw cold water on the idea that we get more grumpy as we age.

According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, as people get older, they report increases in positive traits such as conscientiousness, agreeableness and emotional stability. And, negative traits-like neuroticism, anger and anxiety-seem to decline. Overall, as we age we become "more responsible, more agreeable and more emotionally stable," according to the Journal.

Here is some advice:

Recognize what you'd like to change. Is there a pattern at work or in your personal life you'd that you'd like to be rid of? Start small. Concentrate first on the negative behavior you think is causing the most trouble. Learn to control that behavior before moving on to others. Stay committed. New behaviors take time and you will most likely revert to your old self at times but don't dwell on the back-sliding. Move forward. Once you've changed one trait or behavior, move onto another one.

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