Are you ready for winter?

There's nothing like the first dose of winter weather to remind some us that we weren't quite ready for it.

"I had to crawl all the way into my trunk to get my snow brush," said Joanne Naramore, who was buying a snow brush for her car at Raby's Ace Home Center in Oswego.

As temperatures dip well below freezing, it's not only the snow, but the ice that Central New York drivers have to worry about. While DOT crews were out taking care of the roads, Raby's Ace Home Center in Oswego has shelves stocked with with sand and salt to help you combat slick driveways and sidewalks.

"It was like an ice rink this morning the way the temperatures dipped down. It's very slippery. I did see a car off the road earlier, but I have sand and salt in my garage, so we're ready," said Rob Corradino who lives in Oswego.

Raby's says customers were buying ice melter about every 15 minutes. It sold hundreds of bags of rock salt Wednesday.

"Customers will stock up, businesses will stock up. So the first snow fall we sell that much more, put it that way," said owner Peter Raby.

It will take a few more inches, before snowblowers start to sell. B ut as winter picks up so do sales at all stores that sell that essential winter gear. And while this winter seems to be off to a slow start, it's only a matter of time before that lake effect snow starts piling up.

Are you ready for winter? Do you have your shovels, salt and sand ready to go?