Are your kids hungry after lunch? YouTube parody says yes

It's a protest in the form of a parody. Students from a high school in Kansas created the video is in response to the new federal guidelines funded by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. The changes include restricting calorie intake to no more than 850 calories for lunch.

Dr. Christopher Brown, Superintendent of the West Genesse School District says it's not enough for his growing boys or the high schoolers in his district.

"Our elementary and middle school lunch counts are right where they need to be. Our high school counts are low and a lot are packing their lunch to have enough food to get through the rest of the day," says Brown.

But nutritionists like Julie Mellen say it is enough since the school lunches are meant to be one-third of the daily calorie requirements.

"I think it's a challenge for food service personell and school districts to make the accomodations but from a nutrition perspective I think the changes are good," says Mellen.

However, for all of the students who skip breakfast or dinner it may not be.

"If that's all they're getting for the day than no of course not but I think there are other responsible parties here not just the school lunch program," says Mellon.

After talking to some high school students it becomes clear that it depends on the student on whether the school lunch is enough to satisfy their hunger. Asaiah Ford says it's not.

"Last year I wasn't hungry at all after school but this year it's been very different," says Ford.

But on his way home from school, Tyrone Davis says the meals satisfy him.

"Um not I'm not hungry at school. I mean if I was I'd bring food," says Davis.

So you could say whether the school lunch is enough, is in the stomach of the beholder.