Armory Square businesses brace for Syracuse fans on Saturday

Restaurants, including Empire Brewing Company, are bracing for larger crowds during Saturday night's Final Four game.

Restaurants and bars in Syracuse's Armory Square are preparing for larger crowds on Saturday night as Syracuse takes on Michigan in the Final Four.

At PJ's Pub and Grill, owner Scott Everts is bringing in extra televisions and staff, in addition to more food, for the game. "We go through quite a few chicken wings here during a normal week, but probably an extra five cases, which is another 500 chicken wings," Everts said. "And extra beer here, of course. We have Shock Top. We have an extra keg of that on hand. We're hoping to just make it a fun day for everyone."

Empire Brewing Company is also prepared for a larger crowd on Saturday night. "We're pretty much doubling up on product," said General Manager Kevin Griffith. "Staff wise, we're going to be pulling in a couple extra bartenders, couple extra sports staff, doormen. Just making sure everybody's ready. Everybody's going to be taken care of and have a good time."

Freedom of Espresso has been featuring special Syracuse University drinks since the start of the tournament. The local coffee shop has three speciality drinks on its menu, including "The Michael Carter Williams," a white caramel mocha drink. "Since Freedom is a local business, we're very much in the spirit of Syracuse, which is right now all about S.U. basketball," said Holly Kuhl, a barista at the shop's Armory Square location.

If Syracuse wins on Saturday, some businesses, including Empire, expect to see bigger crowds on Sunday as well, predicting that fans will be out celebrating for the entire weekend.