Art Gone Wild showcases Zoo animals' talents

Syracuse's tiger cubs are among the 'artists' for this year's Art Gone Wild--though not without mishaps!

Syracuse's zoo 'tenants' are busy painting---and helping earn their keep. 'Art Gone Wild' is an exhibit of paintings done by everything from doves to tigers walking across canvas. One hundred animals have 'painted'---all willingly, says Animal Collections manager Tammy Singer (treats as rewards help!).

The exhibit is up at Syracuse Zoo now, and pieces will be auctioned November 19th, 6 - 8pm, as a fundraiser to help with zoo operations.

Singer says this was the first year that the tiger cubs have participated, and they got orange-ish paint all over their fur, to the point that zoo patrons had to be advised that it's only paint (it looked a lot redder!). The pieces are 'interesting' and Singer says they'll be unique conversation starters to their eventual buyers.