As 14-year-old Port Byron girl hit by SUV comes home, parents eye safety

Christy and Michael Rose talk about their daughter's recovery

After their 14-year-old daughter was hit by an SUV on Friday while walking across Route 31 to her school Port Byron Central School, Michael and Christy Rose welcomed her back home today. Although she suffered several bruises and cuts and had to make a trip to University Hospital, none of her bones were broken.

The Roses say their children are still shaken up from Friday's traumatic event, so they could not participate in this story. But, the Roses are hoping this event will spark a change towards a safer school zone near their house.

Living across the street from Port Byron Central School, the Roses have always been worried about their kids crossing Route 31, which gets extremely busy during the morning and evening rush hour. Michael Rose says if they try to leave too late in the morning, it takes them at least 10 minutes just to get out of the driveway.

It was in this traffic where their daughter was hit by an SUV on Friday morning. The SUV did not see her in the dim morning light and was amidst dozens of other cars on the road. Christy Rose says she tried to campaign to get a crosswalk near her house three years ago, which ended up being the same place her daughter was hit and thrown for 30 feet on the highway.

"I said please put something so she can cross safely," Christy Rose says. "The school said it was not their problem, the town said it wasn't their problem, and I never heard back from the state."

In light of the recent accident, Christy Rose plans to go door to door with a petition to start a movement to not only get a crosswalk, but flashing lights and a slower than 30 speed limit on Route 31 near the school.