Ash Wednesday in the rain

Parishoners held a defiant church service Wednesday night at a small catholic church in Jamesville. M embers of St. Mary's church stood outside in a cold, driving rain in front of the church to hold their own Ash Wednesday service. It's the second service this week the flock has held on the sidewalk in front of the closed church, seven months after the Syracuse Diocese closed the church and two dozen others in Central New York. Parishoners at St. Mary's have remained defiant since then, holding a vigil inside the church, one member at a time, since last July. But last week police removed church members from the building and police tape now surrounds the church and no trespassing signs have been put up.Parishoners say they will continue to hold their services outside the church for the foreseeable future and they've also made an appeal to the Vatican to get their church reopened.